Privacy Policy
We will never give away or sell any personal information without your prior consent. In the event that we offer special discounts or deals through partnerships, we will only solicit customers who opt in. All current and future lists allow you to opt in or out at your convenience, users are opted OUT until they ask to be added or opt in.

Please Note:

1.) We may contact you from time to time via E-mail to notify you of maintenance windows or upcoming upgrades.

2.) We track IP addresses to combat spammers and abusive behavior!

Privacy Policy Exception
If you sign up for our affiliate program, sign up for a hosting account, or order any custom work using a discount ID or affiliate ID, your name will be made available to the person who's ID you used to sign up with. They will not have ANY access to your account, sensitive or private data, credit card or checking information. We only provide them with the amount and type of purchase made to give them proper credit for referrals.

We believe in a traditional customer service approach where your needs always come first. Our customers choose us for of our knowledge and experience, and stay with us for our dedicated staff. We know our customers by name and are always here to provide the answers to all of your questions and technical needs.

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